Introducing a transformative 10 hours online workshop:

“Purpose: Invoke the Creator Within” 

by Sri Guru Baba Vyas.

Dive deep into a profound journey for just 2 hours a day and learn to harness the power of your Mind, Buddhi (intellect), Breath, and Body. Set transformative goals or even change your destiny.

For the first time, Sri Guru Baba Vyas is offering his teachings in an online format to the public. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study and discover with him, equipping yourself with invaluable tools and insights from the “Purpose: Change Your Destiny” program.

Do you resonate with the following?

  • Paralyzed by the fear of failure, preventing you from chasing your dreams.
  • Feeling adrift, unsure of your life’s purpose or goals.
  • Fearful of the time passing by without taking tangible steps towards your dreams.
  • Hesitating to invest in personal growth, fearing that it might divert from your professional goals.
  • Feeling undeserving of success, always finding reasons to divert your focus from your true calling.
  • Doubting your luck or destiny.
  • Confused about religious practices and dharma, seeking answers in astrology and mysticism without finding clarity.
  • Feeling that success is elusive and rare.

Seeking Solutions? Enrol in the Purpose Online Discourse.

This program is meticulously designed to:

  • Unlock the potential of your mind, eliminating barriers and habits that hinder progress.
  • Empower you with the knowledge of Buddhi, understanding its core processes to make decisive choices and sharpen focus, paving the way to transform your destiny.
  • Tap into the immense power of your Prana, which connects to your vitality, subconscious mind, intellect, and even the cosmic influence on your life.
  • Channel the energy of your body towards what truly matters, ensuring that your efforts align with your life’s goals.

Discover Your True Self

Welcome to a transformative journey, a place where you can connect with your innermost desires and intentions. With Sri Guru Baba Vyas as your guide, explore the depths of your Mind, Buddhi (intellect), Breath, and Body over a comprehensive 10-day online workshop.

Why Purpose?

For many, life’s journey is often clouded with doubt, fear, and confusion. These sentiments can be overwhelming:

  • The chilling grasp of failure holding you back.
  • A sense of aimlessness, questioning life’s purpose.
  • Time’s fleeting nature, with dreams remaining just that—dreams.
  • A hesitance to delve deep into personal growth, fearing what might be found.
  • A persistent feeling of unworthiness, doubting every success.
  • Wrestling with religious and spiritual confusion, seeking solace in mysticism without clear answers.

If any of these resonate with you, Purpose is your guide to help you find clarity and purpose in life.

What You’ll Gain

  • Clarity and Focus: Rediscover your goals, aligning them with your inner desires.
  • Empowerment of the Mind: Break free from the chains of self-doubt and limiting beliefs.
  • Harnessing Buddhi: Dive deep into the essence of intellect, understanding its processes and using it as a tool for decisive action and unwavering focus.
  • Tap into Prana: Connect with the limitless energy within you, from your vitality to your impact on the universe.
  • Physical and Spiritual Alignment: Channel your body’s energies in harmony with your life’s purpose, optimising every effort and action.

Your Journey Awaits

With Sri Guru Baba Vyas’s profound teachings, made accessible online for the very first time, you are not just enrolling in a course. You’re embracing a transformative experience.

This approach is more than a learning experience—it’s a way of life. With clear, structured, and sustainable practices, you’ll find the tools and guidance needed to navigate life’s challenges and joys.