Each soul’s journey is shaped by the constellations present during birth. At Pran Urja Healing Society, we offer a space to reconnect with these patterns and understand the cosmic energies for the year ahead. The “My Birth Star” service lets you dive deep into Varsha Phala, allowing you to align with your birth chart’s energies for the forthcoming year.

Understanding Varsha Phala:

In the vast expanse of Vedic traditions, Varsha Phala stands as a beacon, revealing the cosmic patterns of your birth chart for the next 12 months. As the sun revisits its position from your birth, a new cycle unfolds. This cycle shines light on the various phases of your life, from health and spiritual pursuits to relationships and professional endeavors.

Divine Rejuvenation with Meditation:

On the special day you were born, celestial energies gather, waiting for acknowledgment. The “My Mother Meditation” is a sacred practice that invites you to reconnect with these energies. Guided by Sri Guru Baba Vyas, this meditation aims to refresh your spirit, leading you to a space of inner tranquility and renewal.

Connecting with the Celestial:

Many wise souls throughout time have leaned on spiritual tools to guide their paths. This meditation is one such tool, offering a profound connection to the cosmic patterns of your birth. Under Sri Guru Baba Vyas’s guidance, journey inwards and discover the sacred energies awaiting acknowledgment.

Your Personalized Session Details:

Duration: 1.5 Hours

  • Chart Reading (30 mins): Understand the celestial blueprint that shapes your year.
  • Guidance for the Year (30 mins): Receive spiritual practices tailored for your journey.
  • My Mother Meditation (30 mins): Engage in a meditative process, leading to inner clarity.

Fees: Rs 21,000

Common Queries:

  1. Why consider Varsha Phala?
    Varsha Phala helps you align with your birth chart’s energies, offering insights for the year ahead.
  2. How to prepare for the “My Mother Meditation”?
    A quiet space and an open heart are all you need.
  3. Can I schedule a session after my birth date?
    For the best connection with the energies, we advise booking a week before your birth date.
  4. What follows after the session?
    You’ll receive a detailed Varsha Phala report and spiritual guidance for the year.
  5. Is the session for everyone?
    Yes. Whether new or familiar with Vedic practices, the session offers universal spiritual insights.

Journeying with the Stars:

Life, with its intricate dance, sometimes requires us to seek cosmic wisdom. Through the “My Birth Star” service, let the ancient stars guide and accompany you on your journey.