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How to overcome the darkness within?

How to overcome the darkness within?

To the courageous souls seeking light amidst the shadows 🌺,

Depression, beloved ones, is not merely a state of mind, but a cloud that often obscures the radiant heart within. In the journey through life’s valleys, remember that the darkest hour has only sixty minutes.

The Shrimad Bhagavad Gita illuminates: ‘From contemplation comes desire, from desire arises anger, from anger arises delusion, and from delusion, the loss of memory, intellect, and one’s innate nature.’ It’s a reminder that our inner turbulence can lead us away from our true nature.

In navigating these challenging waters:

  1. Seek Inner Refuge: Dive deep into your inner sanctum. Practices like meditation and introspection can serve as a gentle balm to the weary soul.
  2. Connect and Share: The weight of sorrow often lightens when shared. Seek the company of well-wishers, mentors, and professionals who can guide you towards the light.
  3. Embrace Nature’s Rhythm: Engage with nature. Let the gentle rhythm of the waves, the whispers of the trees, and the embrace of the breeze remind you of life’s inherent balance and beauty.

From the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 18, Verse 58):

“मच्चित्तः सर्वदुर्गाणि मत्प्रसादात्तरिष्यसि | अथ चेत्त्वमहंकारान्न श्रोष्यसि विनंक्ष्यसि ||”

Which elucidates:

“Having your mind fixed on Me, you shall overcome all difficulties through My grace. But if you do not listen out of ego, you shall perish.”

In the embrace of the Divine, and through collective support, may you find the strength to dispel the clouds and allow your radiant heart to shine once again.

Continued blessings…

Sri Guru Baba Vyas
Prana Urja Healing Society