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How to control anger?

Greetings, noble souls of the modern age,

In our relentless journey, often we find ourselves at the crossroads of emotions, with anger being one that steers us away from our true path. Yet, within this turbulent emotion, there’s a profound lesson waiting to be unravelled.

Ask yourself, whence does this anger arise? Is it an unmet desire? A bruised ego? An unresolved hurt? Knowing its origin is the first step to mastery.

The ancient text, the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, offers a beacon of guidance: “He who can weather the storms of desire and anger is indeed a wise soul.” This resonates deeply today as we juggle numerous tasks and expectations.

Consider these pearls of wisdom to navigate anger:

1. Self-awareness: Recognize the early signs of anger. Understand its root cause. Only by knowing it can you hope to control it.

2. Mindful Breathing: In moments of distress, anchor yourself with deep, rhythmic breaths. This life force (prana) will help centre your being.

3. Eternal Perspective: In the grand tapestry of existence, many of our troubles are but fleeting shadows. Reflect on their ephemeral nature.

Concluding with the eternal words of the Gita (Chapter 2, Verse 56):

“दुःखेष्वनुद्विग्नमना: सुखेषु विगतस्पृह: | वीतरागभयक्रोध: स्थितधीर्मुनिरुच्यते”

Which translates to:

“One whose mind remains undisturbed amidst misery, who does not crave for pleasure, and who is free from attachment, fear, and anger, is called a sage of steady wisdom.”

May we strive for such wisdom, finding tranquillity even in turbulence.

Continued blessings and peace.
Sri Guru Baba Vyas 🌺

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